Products - Automatic Bag Slitting Machine

Automatic Bag Slitting Machine

The Automatic Bag Slitting Machine is a versatile automatic emptying machine and earns it’s name owing to its ability to empty any type of bag be it paper, or HDPE of 25 - 50 kgs capacity. It is ideally suited to Indian conditions where the raw materials in bags are not properly sealed.

The overall system comprises of :
  • Feeding Conveyor
  • Bag Emptying Machine
  • Built-in Dust Extraction System
  • Empty Bag Compactor
  • Pneumatic Conveying System
Salient Features
  • The system can be supplied in modular form.
  • Capacity 20TPHe
  • Saves labour
  • Totally dust free operation
  • Easy handling of empty bags
  • Space required - 9m x 3m x 6m
  • Power requirement - 15kw approx. (with conveyor/machine proper/DE system/empty bag compactor)
  • Cleanly Cut Bags
  • No Threads
  • Negligible Residual Material