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Leaders in providing bulk powder material handling equipment and solutions

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Questions and Answers

Things you should Know About Us!

1 What sectors or industries do we recruit for?
Cosben Engineering Private Limited, is a mechanical engineering manufacturing firm specializing in providing bulk powder material handling equipment and solutions.
We hire candidates from the Manufacturing and Engineering sectors, preferably mechanical.
2 Where can you look for job openings and how do you apply?
You can find our job opening from the "Job Opening" section.
you can upload your resume and apply for job directly through our "Contact Us" section.
You can find both the sections in our top menu.
3 What are the working hours for the company and How can you travel everyday?
We work from 9 am to 5.30 pm.
And We also provide bus pick-up and drop-off services.
4 How can you get in touch with us?
We are happy to recieve your calls! Our contact no. is available in the "Contact Us" section.
production process video

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About the Video

The video depicts the production process and critical elements of our standard screw feeder/ conveyor manufacturing.

Cosben Engineering Screw Conveyor Manufacturing Process

Our Production Process

Cosben Engineering manufactures and offers high quality equipment for handling and processing of Bulk Solids. Our range of equipment comprises of,

Feeding & Conveying Equipment

Discharging Equipment

Mixing & Conditioning Equipment

Dust Collection/ Filtering Equipment

Valves, Slide Gates & Actuators

Fluidizing Equipment

Pressure Control Equipment

Vibratory Equipment