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Spreader Screw


The Spreader Screw is a specially developed Screw Conveyors for the Spreader Screw Assembly used to spread/ sprinkle cement powder over the road in a uniform manner.

As seen in the picture of the Spreader Screw above, there are slits provided at the bottom of the screw (Ventral side of the Screw Conveyor) to enable the powder to be spread across evenly.

The setup or assembly of the Spreader Screw includes:

  • Set of Screw Conveyors {Cosben Make}
  • Butterfly Valves {Cosben Make}
  • Vibrators {Cosben Make}
  • Storage Hopper
  • Control Panel
  • Diesel Generator
  • An Open Truck
The entire assembly/ setup of equipment is mounted on an open truck. The objective is to mount the spreader screw assembly on the open truck which will move on a newly built road and the cement powder is spread uniformly.

The Spreader Screw assembly moving on the truck ensures that there is even & equal distribution of the powder along the width & across the length of the road.

The storage hopper holds the cement powder to be spread. It is connected to a screw conveyor. This screw conveyor extracts the cement from the storage hopper & conveys it to the Spreader Screw.

The Butterfly Valve is installed below the hopper to isolate the hopper & the extraction screw conveyor.

The Vibrators are installed on the hopper to ensure free flow of material.

The Diesel Generator works as the Power source for all the equipment mounted on the truck.

For more details on the working of this screw, please click on the Installation link below.