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Vertical Screw Conveyor


We specialize in design, manufacture and supply of high efficiency Screw Feeders & Conveyors for conveying/feeding various powders like Cement, Fly Ash, Micro Silica, Ice flakes and other dry powders.

The Vertical Screw Assembly consists of the Horizontal Screw Feeder which is installed below a silo or a hopper and as the name appropriately suggests it takes the feed from it. This Horizontal Screw Feeder feeds the powder to a Vertical Screw Conveyor. The Vertical Screw Conveyor is a tubular screw mounted at 90 deg to the Horizontal Screw Feeder to convey & elevate/ load the powder to the required height for filling into a weigh hopper and/ or one or multiple silos with a Distribution Screw (which is another Horizontal Screw Feeder installed at the top of the Vertical Screw Conveyor).

The Vertical Screw Assembly system is a mechanical powder loading system which is preferred & recommended over the Pneumatic Loading systems and or Bucket Elevators due to its ease of use, lesser maintenance & compact size.

Also in a lot of rural parts of India where the raw material is sourced in HDPE bags and the facilities are not equipped for Pneumatic Loading our efficient & compact sized mechanical loading system which consists of the Vertical Screw Assembly & the Automatic Bag Slitting Machine serves as the perfect solution!

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Salient Features

Continuous flight welded on center pipe with variety of pitch, anti-wear coating (For special applications) Choice of tubular or troughs for Horizontal Screw Feeders.

Available in different diameters to match the required capacities & lengths. Our screws are equipped with hanger bearings (can have multiple hanger bearings depending upon the total screw conveyor height), end bearings with application specific sealing protection, in line drive mechanism with single or double stage flange mounted reduction gear box and TEFC 4 pole sq. cage induction motors which can be mounted either on inlet or outlet side of the Horizontal Screw Feeder and outlet side of the Vertical Screw Conveyor.

Available Ex-Stock & Easy Interchangeability

Vertical - Screw Conveyor