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Dust Collectors - Top & Ground Mounted

Integral part of any batching plant NOT ONLY to keep pollution under check BUT ALSO to recover & recycle the dust/powder material back into the system. Available with 2 types of cleaning arrangement - air pulse jet cleaning OR vibratory cleaning in SILO TOP mounting or ground mounted version with fan, hopper and ducting (client scope) for cyclic de-dusting of more than 1 silo.

Salient Features

Compact design with weather & bird proof cover, easy interchangeability, easy operating height for maintenance as & when required. Unique design for venting of silo capacity of 25-250 Tons. Available with various filtering media suitable for different dust material.

Available Ex-Stock & Easy Interchangeability

Filter Hoppers

Filter Hoppers are used under air filters as reservoirs for collected dust and are designed also to carry the filter itself. Filter hoppers are produced with a single inlet as standard and all inlets have a dust suppressing unit. The standard outlets have a flange for butterfly valve.


In Air Pulse Jet cleaning system, we have launched another model AIRFILL which provides a filtering between 6 m2 to 36m2 & are produced in diameters of 400mm, 600mm & 800mm.

This filter offers :
  • Jet Pulse cleaning system
  • Stainless Steel body & weather protection cover
  • Cartridge type filter element cover
  • Easy-to-reach exterior control panel
  • Silo Mounting flange as standard accessory
Additional options available:
  • Stainless Steel Seal Frame
  • Stainless Steel Silo Flanges
  • Differential Pressure Meter on Electric Card
  • 0.75 kW to 2.2 kW Fan on Filter
  • Hopper Units
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