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Dust Conditioner


Dust Conditioner is used to mix powder, sand or other granulate materials with water in order to fix the dust. It is the most economic, advanced technology dust processing equipment that is very easy to install.

The dust conditioner can mix and humidify the dust at the same time.

The first part is a screw feeder, while the second part is a mixer.

There are two sprinkler nozzles with valves to conveniently adjust the water flow.

The mixer blades are specially designed to mix the powder and have a long life time.

Rated Voltage 415V AC(10%)50-60HZ Length(between inlet and outlet) 1537mm
Rated power 11kw Length x Width x Height 3200×450×630
Motor speed 1450r/min Tube Material Q235
Screw speed 145r/min Blade Material NM450/PU345B/65Mn
Capacity 20 m3/hr Gross Weight 435kg
Capacity 20 m3/hr Operating Environment 0℃~+55℃
**Not suitable - For corrosive or conductive materials. For violent vibrations or impact.